Sunday, 29 November 2015

Made the 100 mile target this week with a struggle!

The river crossing this morning, neither of us was brave enough to attempt to cycle through it, the thought of falling off and having to lie in the ice cold water while the other person fumbled for a camera to record your indignity was just to much to accept!

The climb up the valley from the Howe where we started with a heavy snow shower which strangely turned to heavy rain as we got higher up even though the temperature stayed below zero!

This past week has been a hard one to keep the mileage up to scratch, the weather has been pretty rough, strong winds and heavy rain at times. Wednesday was my saviour as it turned out reasonable and I was able to get 2 rides in totaling 48 miles for the day.  
I continue to support the MTB industry financially much to the detriment of my bank balance, the latest big (there's been a lot of small) purchase being tubeless ice spikers for the spare bike. These have been duly bedded in withover 30 miles of tarmac riding, thank god that's over with, you need a pair of ear muffs to put up with the noise off them. Unless there's exceptional snow in the next 4 weeks I should be able to reach the yearly aim of 5200 miles of off road riding, but I;m still holding my breath, you never know what Scotlands' weather can throw at you!  

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