Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Made the 5K miles for the year, now for the 5.2K.....

For the second week running Kathy and I met these two ladies on their horses, last week the camera battery was flat so I had to get a picture this time. Seems just too easy to sit on a horse and get carried around and it must be colder as well, at least in the cold weather some hard biking keeps you warm, but they both looked happy on their magnificent steeds!

Coming up the valley from the Howe is more like cycling up a river at present!

The top of Maidens Cleugh and there's a bit of wet snow lying, but by this time the sun was shining and the views were terrific.

Kathy took this photo of me trying my best to replicate the standard pictures printed in mountain bike magazines, the bike tipped to one side and a crazy grin on the riders face!

The 5K miles target has been passed now so its the last 200 miles for the weekly average of 100 miles for 2015 that's now on the agenda, barring any major mishaps or serious snowfall that should be achieved before the end of December, but as Robert Burns warned:- "The best laid plans o' mice and men gang aft agley" or in English, don't count your chickens etc.!

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