Sunday, 6 December 2015

Best ride for weeks, thanks to Storm Desmond!

After a day and a half of heavy rain courtesy of a storm rather politely named "Desmond" (Dirty Dick would have been more apt in my opinion) the usually mild mannered stream coming down the valley up from the Howe had been transformed into a raging torrent threatening to carry away the bridge Clive was rather dangerously posing on!

We can usually bike across at this point but today we decided on the "up round the side" option.

The waterfall down from the moor where the stream/river originates was at its most spectacular today.

This is the overflow from Threapmuir Reservoir where we normally cycle through at the most, about 3 inches of water, it was nearer 3 feet deep today!

The waterfall just up from Flotterstone was doing a mini Niagra impersonation today, complete with spray haze! 

One of the best rides we've ever done for shear interest today, with floods, rapids, waterfalls and good weather as well for a change. After a lot of photo stops it was never going to be a fast one but maybe now the weather will dry up a bit, the last week or two's been a bit OTT on the rainy side. The 100 mile target was met again this week with just over 3 miles to spare, at one stage it looked a bit dodgy!

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