Sunday, 20 March 2016

Clive gets another year older and we see a lot of hot air

There must surely have been a politician (probably SNP) supplying the hot air for this balloon we saw this morning given the speed it inflated at!  

It was just above freezing point when this was taken this morning circa. 7.15am

Saturday and the weathers perked up considerably as Baz makes his first visit to West Kip in nine months.

Clive demonstrating the size of the lies he told when out in New Orleans in order to secure some work for his company!!
The infamous stepping stones which currently substitute for a bridge as the money's run dry (pun intended) to provide a decent crossing. When the river's in spate they'll be under two feet of water! 

This was Friday and I nearly got lost in the mist half an hour previous to this higher up in the hills.

A week which started off with a glorious day, descended into near freezing fog till Saturday and then brightened up again. Still managed over 140 off road miles and the tracks are really drying out. Sadly as usual next weekend, it's Easter and predictably the weather's to go downhill again!

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