Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Magic Monday doing the Pentlands....if only this weather would stay

Kathy with her usual sunny smile, having ridden up the drove road without an off

We're only a mile or two from Edinburgh but it looks and feels like the Scottish Highlands at times

Going over step five with the notorious step six still to come on the ride up to the top of Maidens Cleugh

There's that view again, what isn't there to like about mountain biking on a day like Monday, great weather and great company!

To cap it off we stopped for a biscuit beside two lady hill walkers who'd biked to Harlaw and then were walking the loop back round from there to their bikes again. (I even got a couple of grapes off them to keep me going!)
Monday morning and the sun was shining for the third day running, which must be just about a first this year so far, so it was off up the Pentlands with Kathy for more mountain bike experience for her as she's entered a triathlon (maybe two) with off road biking involved. Each week we try to do something slightly more technical to build up her confidence and when I think back to when she first went out she wouldn't come off a roadside kerb without dismounting she's fairly improved. Now her big worry is that the new helmet she's bought makes her head look too big!! Women are definitely from another planet!!!!!

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