Friday, 1 April 2016

Biting the bullet and spending some money on one of the bikes

After over 3250 miles I suppose I cant grumble about having to change all the drive train, but I did moan about the freehub giving up the ghost, what's more I ordered one with cup and cone instead of the sealed bearing type which was original. However it's not often I admit defeat and after the inevitable cursing I managed to swap a bit from the old freehub and fit it into the new one to change it into a sealed bearing one. (there was a lot of foul language involved)!


I met this dog (and its owners) when I was out today, absolutely beautiful. Apparently it's a Romanian sheepdog or to give it its correct name a Carpathian Shepherd Dog........they must have sheep the size of horses in Romania.

My neighbour, Norman, took this picture of me when I met him and his wife through the week. This photo was taken from about 50 yards distance with a lens that looked like an anti aircraft gun. He's a keen bird watcher and photographer and this seems to be required gear for this hobby.

Wednesday night and we met this man and his dog running up the Pentlands. He said the the dog was a cross between a collie and a greyhound but I suspect there was a bit of racehorse in it as well given the speed the two of them went up Allermuir. 

This picture was taken exactly 3 years ago when the winter just went on and on, this year doesn't seem so bad now!

And finally......Mark and his phone...where would he be without it?

The tracks are drying even though there's always the odd rain shower, at least now we're into British Summer Time and the daylight goes on longer each week, wish it would warm up a bit though.

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