Saturday, 9 April 2016

More than one way to skin a cat......

Baz opted for the "calm and dignified" approach to crossing the river using the stepping stones which today were actually above, though only just, the water level!

Clive went for the "gung ho" approach, which can sometimes prove disastrous if you hit a boulder in the deepest bit!

The slog up round Harbour Hill which was even more of a slog than usual today after the heavy rain we've had this week.

A group selfie before Harbour Hill, and Clive contradicts his Southern England childhood by wearing only a T-shirt (he did put a jacket on later!)

A Saturday afternoon ride this weekend for a change and the weather smiled on us though by the time we'd finished it was decidedly chillier. The going was greasy and wet but we still managed 27 miles to bring my weeks total to 130 miles, if only the weather would dry up and get just a bit warmer I'm sure |I could increase this a bit.

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