Sunday, 24 April 2016

Clive gets up personal with a dog and I have a double burp

The end result of Clive and a dog not really looking where they were decide who was most to blame!

Wednesday night and Mark crosses the wall in what was the best night ride of the year so far

The view from the top of Allermuir on Friday, another cracking ride.

Saturday and Baz does the rocky drop, first time for him in over a year

And he's safely down

Would you believe it?? A double burp!!!

An eventful week, which on the whole has been a little warmer and a great deal drier than of late, so much so that the trails are now more or less brick hard! Clive had an altercation with a dog at the start of the week and the dog came off best, with Clive ending up looking as though he'd spread strawberry jam over his kneecap.Mark and I had a terrific ride on Wednesday night with Mark nearly on his knees at times but refusing to give up! Friday and I did a 31 miler with loads of climbing and on Saturday Baz and I did some stuff he hadn't done since his injury and the most climbing for him in a year. I also suffered a double burp on both front a back tubeless tyres at the same time while attempting to cross a ditch and badly mistiming it! Luckily both tyres re-inflated with the hand pump but Baz continued to laugh for about the next hour, probably because I went over the bars at the same time. A good week mile-age wise though with 148 off road miles to up the average a bit.

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