Saturday, 30 April 2016

That's been a week and a half for weather!

Wednesday night with Mark, -1.6C and we got pelted with a hail storm!

Friday night with Clive and Glencorse reservoir was flat calm

Still Friday and Clive's front tyre, or tractor tyre as it's fondly known, lets him down badly as he discovers his knee's not meant to bend sideways!

We went as far as the new bridge on Friday night, it was just too much of a slog in the soft snow to go any further up the valley.

Saturday afternoon and although some of the snow had melted there were still bits here and there to make biking difficult. 

A clear bit of track and Clive goes for it!

Baz remounts after pushing through a snowdrift 

A rest and Clive treated us each to a bit of tablet he'd bought at a charity sale in the morning.......we wish he'd bought some more it was that good!

I'm glad to see the back of this week, the weather turned back to winter with the wind coming straight from the North and frequent showers of hail and snow. We still managed a few rides though, and some of the photos look good with the snow. Hopefully next week should warm up a bit (I've been saying that for about a month now!) and we can get back to less winter weather clothes. One advantage of the doesn't hurt as much when you come off, well maybe it did in Clive's case!!

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