Sunday, 17 April 2016

It's been a cold wet week, Spring hasn't sprung in Scotland yet!

At least the water level had fallen enough today to let Baz and me use the stepping stones and keep our feet dry, unlike midweek when it was about 6 inches over the top of them.

Went round the side of West Kip today and here's the view I can never get tired of, though Baz appears to have lost interest in it!!

Kathy, looking as cute as ever at the top of Maidens Cleugh, though if truth be told she was shivering with the cold!
How I managed 130 off road miles this week I'm not really sure because it's been an absolute bitch of a week weather wise. An north east wind that blew in icy rain, sleet and occasionally snow threatened to destroy my weekly target of over 100 miles but a pair of new biking shoes helped to keep the feet a bit warmer and drier and I reverted back to the heavy duty winter gloves I'd very nearly laid away.The forecast is for the weather to heat up (a bit) but return to colder weather again by next weekend!!! 

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