Sunday, 8 May 2016

Got rid of the snow and the weather's perking up...we've even seen the sun!!

Just look at that sky, hopefully we'll see a lot more of days like this!

Dougie jumps the rock on Wednesday night into a gale force wind and nearly takes off!

Marc, Dougie and Mark at the start of the notorious Castlelaw climb

The top of the Bavelaw climb and a vote had to be taken on which way we went.....naturally the most difficult route won hands down!

Out with Kathy on Thursday afternoon for a bit of triathlon training, does she never stop smiling?

I really like this photo of me, I actually look as if I know what I'm doing in it! 

Sunday morning and a lamb needed rescuing after it had stuck its head through a fence and then couldn't figure out how to remove it, I hate to say it, but they really are dumb animals! He must have been stuck for quite a while as the first thing he did was ran to his mother and got stuck in to having a great long feed. She had the decency to look at us with a (sheepish) look of thanks.

Monday started off horrendously weather wise but slowly improved as the week went on.Been out every day this week and managed to muster up 166 miles, and with no major mishaps at that! The forecast is for a few days at least of really good weather so I'll better make hay etc.

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