Sunday, 15 May 2016

Dry weather = dry trails = good riding = good fun!

Monday, and Graeme and I managed to find the only bit of our route where it was possible to get your feet wet.....and even there it was difficult.

The track down to Lasswade and nobody I know's managed to cycle up these steps yet

Where's my right leg gone? Caught napping by the self timer I look like I could enter the Paralympics at Rio

Mishap of the week! Caught my forearm on a hinge sticking out from a post and managed to peel the skin right off, actually looks worse than it is

Saturday and the weather is cold but sunny and ideal (for me anyway) biking conditions, the winds from the north and the air is crystal clear.

Scotlands national flower, the bluebell, is starting to come into full bloom in the aptly named Bluebell Wood!

Flat calm at Black Springs.

A breather after the hard climb up the track along the side of Black Hill.

A week of cold but dry weather and the tracks are in great condition. 136 miles this week and I've managed to pass 2500 for the year as well so the 6000 target is still on but there's a long way to go and probably a few mishaps along the way!

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