Sunday, 22 May 2016

Frustration (and desperation) for Clive on the Sunday morning bike ride

Clive arrives at Harlaw Ranger centre toilets only to find them out of order, "oh well on to Flotterstone" he said confidently......more later!

Photo bombed high in the Pentlands by two hill walkers!

Baz goes through with barely a splash

Clive goes through and nearly floods Edinburgh......

We've arrived at Flotterstone toilets only for Clive to discover its occupied by someone who appears to be going to spend the rest of the day there, oh well just have to head for home smartish like!
Kathy on Wednesday afternoon

With Mark on Wednesday evening and had to wait until the last stragglers of a running club came along the path in case we pushed them in the reservoir.....very tempting

Mixed week of weather but 150 off road miles.

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