Monday, 30 May 2016

It might have been misty but the riding was good!

Came across this sign on Saturday and wondered what the neighbours would say if I stuck it out in my front garden!  

Sunday and disaster strikes! A hole too big to be sealed on my tubeless tyre by Stans sealant, needless to say the language was pretty colourful until a tube had been inserted and we were on our way again!

Today, Monday, and Baz insisted on doing a snow angel in the bluebells in Bluebell Wood, I wonder if he'll do a bluebell angel in the snow next January

Black Springs and we're about halfway round our trip today, the temperature never quite reached 10C today, we're looking forward to getting a bit warmer in June.

The inevitable selfie at the start of the climb up to West Kip

Both Sunday and today, Monday, have been days when its started off with pea soup mist and eventually cleared up to reveal that there really is a sun above Scotland after all! The short sleeve tops are still in the drawers yet but I confidently predict (maybe) that they'll be out in 2 weeks time, this north wind has to stop blowing sometime, my theory is it's Donald Trump to blame, that hair of his has upset the whole Eco system.......

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