Sunday, 5 June 2016

Trying to ride on water.......

Somehow Kathy persuaded me it would be a good idea to paddle in the reservoir!

Kathy looking glamorous as usual on the track up to the Pentlands

How come she didn't have to cycle in the water?

While muggins did?

Take my word for's easier on dry land.

Wednesday night and Mark arrives in time to photo bomb a selfie up Black Hill

Full marks(?) for Mark for style!!

Clive looking pleased as punch with his bike all nice and shiny and ready for his sportive on Saturday

Graeme at the start of the track going along Black Hill today.

The gruesome foursome who were out this morning!!

What a week! The summer would appear to here though I wouldn't rush to place a bet on it, but on the strength of my daft paddle with my bike in Threipmuir Reservoir and the fact that I survived  without suffering frostbite I'm prepared to accept there's a chance it's at least on its way!
Here's hoping the rest of the summer's as much fun as this week's been!


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