Sunday, 27 November 2016

Ice spikers ruled.....till today!

This was Monday and the ice was beginning to form though the studded tyres hadn't been put on yet.

The track was difficult to see with the fallen leaves

Near cloudless skies but cold.

So cold that the claw gloves had to be brought out of hibernation!

The studded tyres were on and they were needed as things froze up.

Clive and I were out on Friday and were even brave(?) enough to try a peddle on Threipmuir Reservoir, but not brave enough to risk going too far from the side!

Today, Sunday, and there's a thaw just when we thought we could go a bit more adventuresome on the reservoir, Baz couldn't even get on top of the ice, rats, we were hoping he'd fall in!

Clive was out on his old Kona with an array of lights that would put Blackpool to shame

The week started cold, had a horrendous day of rain on Tuesday and then settled down to hard frost and very little wind making the ice spikers necessary for biking higher up. Unfortunately by today, Sunday, There had been a thaw and the going was tough with the heavy studded tyres on the softer ground, all good fun though and I'm only 2 miles away from the 6000 mile target I'd set for the year. Hopefully that should be reached tomorrow when I'm out.

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