Sunday, 4 December 2016

Plenty of mishaps this week but only one from me

My mishap, a technical dismount (or in other words I fell off) and banged my knee on a kerb and worse than that, tore my lycra tights!!

However the skills I learnt in primary school served me well and I soon had them darned (sort of)

Kathy was with me when I reached my years target of 6000 off road miles before the end of the year, this has now been increased to 10,000 kilometres, silly fool!

Wednesday nights ride and this was about as good as it got

Friday and Kathy's doing the steps at the bottom of the shelter belt like a pro now!

And the bottom of Maidens Cleugh at speed as well now!

Sunday morning, today, and it was -6.2C at this point, it just got colder and colder this morning as we went round the winter loop.

The sun eventually rose above the horizon and the temperature soared to -4C

Clives latest acquisition to his tool chest, a miniature vice and a Black and Decker work bench, he'll be building ocean going liners with that equipment!!!

An eventful week for mishaps for Clive, Baz and me. Clive scored highest with numerous punctures, forks failing to hold pressure and rear mech cables snapping mid ride. Baz discovered his unbreakable dropper post could in fact fail to function, also mid ride, however with the usual mixture of foul language and a bit of bodging we got it fixed when we got back to base. My mishap was the aforementioned knee which is still tender but not causing any problems. All in all an interesting week with the target reached and a new one set.

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