Sunday, 15 January 2017

The promised snow storm proved to be a disappointment, at least it was round our way!

This was about as snowy as it got beside us this weekend, I had visions of multiple snow photos and videos with the new Gopro, but "the best laid plans ect" as Robert Burns wrote a few hundred years ago! 
This was Monday and don't be fooled by the blue chucked down freezing rain not long after this!

The road to the Pentlands and Kathy leads the way.

The weather was so wet and windy that Clive was reduced to building his re-found model railway in his garage, by the look of that track there's only so long you can watch a small train go round and round on it.....

The Gopro I've discovered is excellent for photographing the birds that come to my peanut feeder, this blue tit looks slightly annoyed at being disturbed mid feed.

A wild and windy week up until Wednesday after which it calmed down a bit, I'd hoped the frost would continue through till our Sunday morning ride for some good photos and clean clothes as well but it rained overnight and we were back to muck and mire again though there were some cunningly concealed icy bits higher up in the hills. 

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